Photo Credit: Edward Boches

Liz and Coach Russo

Photo Credit: Edward Boches

Liz: The Liz Leddy Story

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Train with Liz

I am pleased that you are interested in joining me in the art of boxing!

I am not only a competitor in boxing but a trainer and certified USA Boxing Level 1 Coach as well.

I have more than 20 years experience in the sport, under the instruction of Head Coach and Portland Boxing Club owner, president of the National Golden Gloves of America, Bobby Russo.

I continue to learn and be educated in the sport of boxing from all angles.

Through my dedicated involvement, I have gained knowledge to prevent, identify, and rehabilitate common boxing injuries and strengthen the athlete’s kinetic chain in order to maximize performance.

My experience with world class coaches and trainers from all over the world has provided me with many coaching tools for boxing instruction.

I am a boxing trainer gaining my education in the field of coaching combat sports, with much emphasis on boxing!

I have spent some years at the Olympic Training Center and have joined in the Army World Class Athlete Program where I have gained an arsenal of skills, drills, and techniques for boxing and athletic conditioning.

In my 10 years experience directly training others, I have taught Boot Camp style classes with 50 participants, individuals in private and semi private or even family sessions, small group classes at other area gyms, taught seminars for MMA fighters, and lead conditioning style cross training sessions for wrestling, lacrosse, football, and softball players.

I have been a licensed MMA corner man, and have taped MMA fighters and boxers for competition.

I have individually coached /”cornered” around 10 athletes in their fights, and do anticipate someday becoming a coach.

My experience with seniors includes teaching small group sessions at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and holding sessions for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease who have arrested the progressive illness significantly.

With children and young adults, I have brought equipment to schools and instructed privately as well as in class sessions at the Portland Boxing Club.

Additionally, I have taught seminars for at- risk youth, and youth with developmental disabilities and brain trauma.

Boxing benefits us all, and my National SafeSport Certification assures that we all stay safe while participating.

My clients are many and varied, which fills me with tremendous enthusiasm and joy!

Let’s fight the good fight together!

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