Bio: Liz Leddy

My name is Liz Leddy.

I am a three-time National Golden Gloves Champion (2011,2012. and 2017).

Under the care of Head Coach and Portland Boxing Club owner, Bobby Russo, I have won the New England Golden Gloves Tournament nine times.

As a kid, I was interested in boxers and boxing.

I was considered a natural, consistent athlete.

I am finding, in my twenty-plus years of boxing, that it has provided further education and opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

Early Years

As my family separated, I lost my direction in life.

My life choices became more and more chaotic. I dropped out of school at 15.

I had been heavily drinking for 3 or 4 years, and it was starting to become an obvious problem.

The older, wilder crowd I was hanging out with was noticing.

They said I was too aggressive, even for them.

That I may even be an alcoholic.

They suggested that I look into boxing or kickboxing.

After I was introduced to the Portland Boxing Club, I began to learn even more from my new role models, who continue to fuel my passion; Bob Russo, Skip Neales, and all the boxers alongside whom I sweat and strive, week after week.

Inner Work Pays Off

To this day, the inner work I had to do over the years, and the surrender of my over-sized ego still fuels my passion to grow, lead, perform to my fullest as an athlete, and show through faith and action that we can all achieve our dreams if we do not put time limits on them.

Present Purpose

My purpose as a sober woman, athlete, mentor, and spiritual warrior is to help others develop their own divine purpose.

To assist others’ discovery of their very best life, as I did, through the support of boxing and to the day-to-day choices of sobriety, spirituality, and Love is my fuel to grow through whatever challenges I overcome on my own path to higher purpose.


Liz: The Liz Leddy Story

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